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Soft Launch

Soft Launch

Today I “soft launched” the website, which means it really exists for people to go to, but there isn’t much content there yet. Expert website developers always build a site in a “sandbox” first, get it great, and then unleash it into the interwebs all at once when ready. Yeah, so I’m not a professional…

Actually, I think for a community website it is more meaningful to have the site grow organically. I’ve been planning out the structure with input from people for over 1.5 years now, so enough planning and time to get building. I’d rather have something up now and let the content grow. I expect we’ll break some links in the structure before it’s all over, but that feels like a meaningful growing experience for a community.

What’s up?

The top priority for me to make this soft launch has been to have the top level structure in place. It may get tweaked, but it is up and there is a web page for every top level menu option.

For each top page, I have put in place the second-level structural content, but few of the pages down there work yet.