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ECoENet web page

ECoENet web page

The ECoENet community of early career researchers in ecohydraulics has its own website on the original WordPress server. That has a good amount of content and stands alone. Therefore, I made a ECoENet page on this site that tells people what this group is and then links to its independent site.

Photos Needed

I am seeking photos of early career scientists at work to put into the photo carousel on this web page, so if you have any, email them to me. it helps a lot of you pre-clip the photos to the dimensions of 615 px wide by 326 px high. Yeah, that’s weird but if you look at the carousel it seems like the right dimensions to me to have photos that are nicely visible without being ginormous. You know how to find me, so please send some pix 😉

Choice to Migrate

Finally, I have offered to the ECoENet leadership that if they wish to migrate their site over to here, then they are always welcome to do that. It wouldn’t take much work, because both sites are in WordPress. The main advantage is that this site is a fully-featured, paid site, whereas I am pretty sure the current ECoENet site is a free version with a lot of limitation. It is also possible to create ECoENet as an entirely independent “subdomain”, like, if desired. That means that the subdomain can function as an independent site with its own theme, plugins, etc, if desires. That’s great for the ISE conferences and other components we may wish to support in the future. I’ll be addressing the power and opportunity subdomains offer to our community in a future post for sure. I’m still wrapping brain around them.

The other advantage is that the goal here is to make a site that lasts for many years. The more we can centralize ecohydraulics content at this site, then the more resources will flow into building and preserving the site, which is great for everything we bring together here as a community. Just like our community, this site starts small. Hopefully it will grow with the energy and wisdom all of you will bring to it.