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About web page

About web page

Today I built out the web page for the people we want to formally list as members of the leadership team. Unfortunately, I do not have the most up-to-date list, so I pulled the list from the IAHR website for now.

I emailed all the LT members thatI know of and asked them to send me a photo and a brief bio. I will put up that info as I get it, and then for those I do not get any info from I’m simply going to use a generic mystery person font in thematic blue or green colors and have no bio. It’s up to people to decide to contribute content to the site or not. I will put out the request, but then it’s up to them to act.

The rest of the second-level pages on the About page are not created yet, so those links are dead. I am going to seek community input to fill out the content of those pages rather than try to tackle those myself, so they will have to wait until people are ready to contribute. If you are reading this and want to contribute, email me 😉